6 Event-Finder Apps to Use While on Assignment

June 9th, 2014
  1. Eventbrite
    Designed for an iOS or Android phone, this app is modeled after the website of the same name. Eventbrite allows you to locate events worldwide, access maps and directions, and—after you buy tickets—check into events using a QR code on your phone. Eventbrite is your one-stop-shop for fun!
  1. Events Finder
    Similar to Eventbrite, this app is designed specifically for iOS. Events Finder is like a travel book for your smart phone, providing information about anything and everything happening in your specified locale. Learn about concert, fairs and festivals, performing arts, educational and political events, sports games, movies, wine tastings and more.
  1. Like a Local
    Feel like straying far from the beaten path?You might want to download the free app Like a Local. This app helps you uncover hidden hot spots recommended by local editors. Don’t stand out as a tourist: see the parts of the city that only locals know about!
  1. LocalMind
    Also powered by the local population, LocalMind allows you to poll area residents for information about events, such as price, crowd size or anything else you’d like to know. This handy app can help you determine what’s cool and what might not be worth your time, based on the opinions of those “in the know.
  1. Gravy
    Feel like being social in a loud rock club? Or maybe you’d prefer a good poetry reading? Gravy allows you to search for events in your area based on your mood. Activities are listed by categories such as lively, classy, brainy or mellow.
  1. SongKick
    Are you a musical superfan? SongKick is a concert app that allows you to keep up with your favorite bands while you’re on assignment. The magic of this app is that it syncs with your MP3 library and makes suggestions based on the artists you like best. For concerts featuring classical music, pop, rock, reggae and everything in between, SongKick has you covered!

No fair complaining that you’re bored!

Maximize your free time on assignment this summer by downloading one (or all) of these handy event-finder apps for your smart phone! You’ll be able to find an activity faster than you can say, “What is there to do around here?”

Looking for a travel assignment?

If you’re an allied healthcare professional looking for travel placement, you’ve come to the right place. MedPro Staffing recruiters will work with you to find the assignment you’re looking for in locations around the United States—or even the world. Contact us today to learn more.

Top November Job: Operating Room Nurse in Boca Raton, Florida

November 20th, 2012

Winter’s coming and if you’ve ever dreamed of leaving your Boston or Minneapolis home to live and work in sunny and warm Florida for 13 weeks, check out this great opportunity for an operating room nurse in Boca Raton, Florida.

The assignment is for 13 weeks for the PM shift in a Boca Raton hospital. Contact one of our recruiters today to get all the details.

As for Boca Raton, what’s there not to like?

This city of about 84,000 sits right on Florida’s eastern coast, along the Atlantic. The average high temperature in January is 74 degrees, with the low averaging 58 degrees, making it a perfect spot to escape a Northeast or Midwestern winter.

If you love to snorkel (or would like to come to love it), Boca Raton offers you Red Reef Park, a living reef that you can reach from the shore (no need to rent a boat). You also can visit Gumbo Limbo, an environmental education center that’s located nearby.

Even if you don’t want to go snorkeling, you’ll be able to enjoy Boca Raton’s four miles of beach, 31 bike and pedestrian trials, and 40 public parks.

If you love ballet, you’ll enjoy performances by the Boca Ballet Theatre. Those who enjoy live plays can get their fill at Caldwell Theatre Company. Art aficionados will want to visit the Boca Raton Museum of Art, while those with an itch to learn about the history of the area will need to check out the Boca Raton Historical Society.

If you bring your children with you on this assignment, take them to Children’s Science Explorium as well as to the Schmidt Family Centre for the Arts at Mizner Park. They also might get a kick from going to see performances by the Sol Children’s Theatre Troupe.

Shopping can take you to the delightful Royal Palm Palace, an 80-shop complex designed in the gracious Spanish-style architecture for which Boca Raton is known.

Boca Raton’s Town Center is a world-class shopping destination, with department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and others. Smaller shops include Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany’s, the Gap, Pottery Barn, and many other well-known brands.

Just a short drive out of town is Palm Beach’s world famous Worth Avenue, where you can enjoy fine art galleries, top-of-the-line fashion houses and gourmet dining opportunities.

Does this operating room traveling nurse position pique your interest? Then contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Top Physical Therapy Programs in the U.S.

June 29th, 2012

If you’re considering a job as a physical therapist, good for you! PTs help people recover from injury or illness so that they may manage any pain and restore/improve movement.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLSL) notes that the median salary for a PT in 2010 was more than $76,000. As for job growth, the BLS predicted that the job growth rate for PTs between 2010-2020 will be 39 percent (this is compared to an average growth rate for all occupations of 14 percent). has ranked physical therapy programs throughout the U.S. for 2012. Continue below to see which programs were ranked as the top 15. (Note: The rankings are based on a 5.0 scale.)

1)    The University of Southern California, Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy. Score: 4.3

2)    University of Delaware, Department of Physical Therapy. Score: 4.2

3)    University of Pittsburgh, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Score: 4.1

4)    Washington University in Saint Louis, Program in Physical Therapy. Score: 4.1

5)    University of Iowa, Graduate Program in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. Score: 3.9

6)    U.S. Army – Baylor University, Doctoral Physical Therapy Program. Score: 3.9

7)    Emory University, Division of Physical Therapy. Score: 3.8

8)    MGH Institute of Health Professions, Graduate Program in Physical Therapy. Score: 3.8

9)    Northwestern University, Department of Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences. Score: 3.7

10) University of Miami, Department of Physical Therapy. Score: 3.7

9) University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Division of Physical Therapy. Score: 3.7

11) Marquette University, Department of Physical Therapy. Score: 3.6

12) University of Florida, Department of Physical Therapy. Score: 3.6

13) Arcadia University, Department of Physical Therapy. Score: 3.5

14) University of Utah, College of Health. Score: 3.5

You’ll need a master’s degree in physical therapy (MPT) in order to start practicing as a PT. However, the profession is migrating to the doctor of physical therapy degree (DPT) as the “entry-level” degree necessary to enter the field.

If you’re an experienced physical therapist (or occupational or even speech therapist) and have a desire to serve coupled with an itch for adventure as a traveling PT, then contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We’d love to speak to you about traveling assignments at clinics, hospitals, rehab centers and other healthcare facilities across the country. Contact us today!

Travel Nursing Questions: How Much Experience Do You Need?

June 26th, 2012

Working as a travel nurse can be an exceptionally exciting, rewarding and financially smart career choice.

And, while many newly minted nurses look forward to such a career, most –- as in just about all – travel nursing staffing services and their client medical facilities require that someone who wishes to be considered for travel nurse opportunities have at least 12 or even 18 months of nursing experience. In fact, that experience should be acute care clinical experience.

The 18 months isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but is pretty consistent throughout the United States.

Some facilities, units within those facilities and even different cities will have different requirements. Some want as much as two years (medical-surgery, psychology and rehab). Many facilities also are looking for traveling LPNs/LVNs, but they want at least six years of experience under candidates’ wings before considering them for positions.

If you’ve just graduated from nursing, it can’t hurt to contact travel nursing companies such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing to let us know that you’re interested. You can send us your CV/resume, let us know what types of nursing work you seek and where, and keep in touch. Be sure to keep us updated regarding your work experience.

Another tip for aspiring travel nurses: Assess objectively your attitude to change and the unknown. Travel nursing assignments will ask you to change plans on a moment’s notice. You’ll need excellent clinical skills, the ability to think on your feet and the knack of getting along with a vast array of personalities within your colleagues and patients. Can you handle it? Be honest with yourself; travel nursing really isn’t for everyone.

And, yes, working as a travel nurse, even if it’s just for a year or two, can be a terrific addition to your resume/CV. Working travel nursing assignments shows your flexibility and your willingness to learn new ways of doing things. In addition, nurse managers and those in a position to hire understand the critical role travel nurses play in healthcare today. Your work history will be bolstered by your months or years working as a travel nurse.

Whether you’re just graduating from nursing school or you have years of experience, contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. New grads: We’d love to place you in our database for assignments in a year or so. Experienced pros: We need you now. We look forward to hearing from you!

Selecting a Travel Healthcare Employment Agency

June 22nd, 2012

If you want to travel and if you’re a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or pharmacy professional, you’re in great demand at hospitals and medical facilities all over the country for short-term (minimum of 13 weeks) assignments.

If this career interests you, you’ll need to register with one or more staffing services that provide traveling healthcare professionals.

Read below to learn how to spot a good staffing service.

A good travel staffing service:

  • Pays for your accommodations while you’re on assignment. If you don’t wish to stay in the apartment they find for you, the staffing service should offer you a healthy housing stipend so that you may find your own accommodations.
  • Will pay for all of your licensing fees and will even help you get the proper licenses for the state(s) in which you’ll be on assignment.
  • Provides a 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Offers dental and medical insurance coverage.
  • Is available to you 24/7. Can you get a hold of a staffing manager at any time?
  • Helps you keep your continuing education requirements up to date.
  • Pays you weekly and offers direct deposit electronically to your checking/savings account.
  • Provides professional liability insurance coverage.
  • Understands that healthcare travelers also have personal lives and works hard to accommodate you in regard to your family’s needs, whenever possible.

Finally, avoid at all costs a staffing service that requires you to pay them for the privilege of finding your assignments. A legitimate service never asks for money up front. In fact, a legitimate service never asks you to pay it anything, ever.

For more information on the benefits of working for a healthcare travel agency such as MedPro Healthcare Staffing, contact one of our recruiters. We’d love to discuss the hundreds of opportunities we have at medical facilities and hospitals across the county. We look forward to hearing from you.

Top Traveling Job Opportunity: OT in Boise, Idaho

May 15th, 2012

If you love hiking, skiing, the mountains and if you’re an experienced occupational therapist, check out this traveling OT position we now have open in Boise, Idaho.

You’ll have to contact us to get more information on the medical facility, but here’s a bit of information on Boise that’s sure to pique your interest in this position.

Boise’s mayor, David H. Bieter, has declared that it’s his mission to make Boise the “most livable city in the country.”

Why does he think Boise has a shot at becoming this?

The city, according to Bieter, has

  • “Independence and creative spirit”
  • Terrific scenery
  • Plentiful natural resources
  • Many year-round outdoor activities

The capital of Idaho as well as the largest city in the Gem State, Boise sits on the Boise River along the Rocky Mountain foothills. Skiing is incredibly popular in the winter, as is bicycling and boating in spring, summer and fall.

Many people move to Boise because there’s just so much to do. Walk along the city’s river side Greenbelt path, walk the Ridge to Rivers path to the trailheads of several terrific hiking trails.

For art lovers, you’ll enjoy murals and public art all around the city. Visit the Boise Art Museum, Zoo Boise, the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, and many other museums and galleries.

Love the theater? Dance? You’ll enjoy watching the Boise Contemporary Theater, the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Ballet Idaho, the Trey McIntyre Projects, and the Idaho Dance Theatre.

Downtown Boise is full of great clubs and other venues in which to enjoy a lively musical scene. Downtown also offers several breweries and distilleries.

Boise is the place for people who like their temperatures very hot (100 degrees is not unheard of in his high-desert metropolis in the summer) or very cold (30 degrees is the average winter temperature). It snows an average of 19 inches each winter season, but not at all once: most snow storms bring about three inches of the fluffy white stuff.

Interested in this position? Contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing today! If you’re not an OT and you’d still love to work in Boise, check out our traveling assignments for nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals. We have hundreds of great travel opportunities in cities all across the country; contact us today to learn more!

Increase Your Hireability by Learning a Second Language

May 11th, 2012

Not only is the need for skilled healthcare workers growing in the U.S., but so is the need for those professionals to be bilingual.

According to Minority Nurse Magazine, just two percent of all RNs in the U.S. are of Hispanic/Latino heritage. And, even if non-Hispanic healthcare workers speak Spanish, cultural differences still can make communication between patient and healthcare worker difficult.

The website reported in 2010 that “[i]n just a few years, the United States will have the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world.” Mexico will be the only country in the world with more.

But before you rush out to learn Spanish, understand that bilingual healthcare workers are needed in a number of foreign languages, especially languages that hail from Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, the Phillippines, etc. ). In fact, here at MedPro Healthcare Staffing, several of the bilingual positions we fill for hospitals and other medical facilities are for those who speak Southeast Asia languages, particularly Tagalog (number one language of the Philippines).

It naturally follows that if you can speak another language, you greatly increase your chances of being hired. If you’re already a native foreign language speaker, great! If you’re wondering what career to explore, we highly recommend one in healthcare. As stated above, bilingual healthcare workers are critically needed.

But if English is your first language and you want to learn another, you have several options when it comes to learning a new language. Many medical facilities now offer what is known as “medical Spanish.” While you won’t be fluent, this can help you communicate (albeit in a fairly rudimentary) way, with Spanish-speaking patients.

Community colleges and night schools also offer foreign language classes. The going can be slow, however, and the class schedule may not be conducive to your work schedule.

There are many online foreign language learning programs, of course.

If you have the time and the funds, a foreign-language immersion course may be the ticket. Be prepared to live and sweat your new language. But the fact that these courses are so short and are so intense can mean you can learn the language quickly.

If you’re a healthcare professional who’s heard about the great opportunities working as a traveling nurse, PT, speech therapist, radiologist, phlebotomist, and more, contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We look forward to hearing from you

5 Locations to Consider for Your Summer Travel Assignment

May 3rd, 2012

One of the great benefits of working as a travel healthcare professional is the opportunity to choose where you work and when. Are you a native of Connecticut tired of East Coast winters? Check out jobs in Florida or Arizona.

And now, with the summer fast approaching, why not find an assignment on the coast? Or, for a less-traditional “summer vacation” spot, why not work near the mountains of Montana, the gorgeous coast of Maine or Oregon or, yes, if you must, the terrific beaches of South Carolina.

For example, Billings, Montana, the largest city in Big Sky Country, offers you the opportunity to go rock-climbing, hunting, fishing, hiking and many more outdoor activities.

Billings is near Yellowstone National Park, the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, the Beartooth Highway, the Pictograph Cave and so much more.

Do you love to swim, sail, picnic along or otherwise enjoy gorgeous lakes in the summer? Consider a summer travel nursing assignment in Michigan. Port Huron, Michigan, is located on the southern end of Lake Huron (one of the five Great Lakes), and offers you the chance to enjoy a variety of water activities. You also may cross the Blue Water Bridge over the St. Clair River and visit Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

As for other things to do, visit the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, the Great Lakes Maritime Center to learn more about the shipping history of the Great Lakes. On your days off, go for a sail on Lake Huron.

If you love rivers, your summer destination should be Portland, Oregon. This über environmentally aware town is located at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. The Willamette, in fact, runs through Portland’s center. The city is known for its pedestrian friendly ambience, as well as the many parks, gardens and green spaces Portlanders enjoy year-round.

Speaking of rivers, Augusta, Maine (the state’s capital city), is located on the Kennebec River and is surrounded by gorgeous hills covered with forest. If hiking’s your love, you’ll love it here. In addition, you can walk, run or cycle along the six-mile Kennebec River Trail. Enjoy canoeing, swimming, water skiing, sailing, boating, and white-water rafting on your days off.

Many of us don’t think summer is summer without spending time on a beautiful beach. If this is you, consider spending your summer working at an assignment in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Known the world over for its gorgeous wide beach (there’s 60 miles of the sandy stuff here), Myrtle Beach also offers great golfing, the chance for thrills at its fabulous amusement parks, plenty of shopping at flea markets and outlet malls (and more), deep sea fishing and, well, there’s just too much to list here.

And let’s not forget the boardwalks. Grab an ice cream cone, set yourself on a boardwalk bench and just watch the (summer) world go by. Free entertainment at its finest!

Whether you want to spend the summer near a beach in California, the winter skiing in the Rocky Mountains, or enjoying the leaves turning in a forest in the fall in Vermont, there’s a travel work assignment with your name on it. Contact a recruiter at MedPro Healthcare Staffing today to learn more!

Finding Housing When on Assignment

May 1st, 2012

When you work as a travel healthcare professional for MedPro and you’ll have two choices when it comes to housing:

  1. You can choose to live in the apartment we find – and pay – for you while on assignment. These are apartments in safe areas near your assignment facility. They’re usually furnished and include amenities such as a fitness center, pool and more.
  2. Or you can decide to take the sizable stipend we provide and find your own accommodations. Professionals who have families often choose this option.

If you decide you’d like to find your own housing, follow these tips below.

Looking for an apartment while on an assignment is very similar to apartment hunting when you’re planning on moving to a location for a longer period of time (such as a year.

There are a few differences, however. Most apartments want a year’s lease. If you’re going to stay in town for just the weeks of your assignment, you may find it more difficult to find an affordable short-term situation.

In addition, many landlords require a deposit the equivalent of a first- and last-month’s rent check. Most travel nursing assignments are about three months in length, so you could find yourself paying a hefty amount every three months (as you move to another assignment and pay another first- and last-month’s deposit).

Not that we want to discourage you from finding a place on your own. Many of our professionals need accommodations different than the usual furnished one- or two-bedroom apartment we provide.

If you’ve decided to find an apartment on your own, check with us first. We have connections with apartments and landlords all over the country and we may be able to help you find a great short-term rental.

You might want to look into what is known as “corporate housing.” These are apartments that, according to a website that helps you find accommodations (, such as “extended stays at hotels, corporate apartments, furnished apartments for rent — even privately-owned houses, condos and vacation properties.”

In addition, check out the website ( This site caters to individuals looking to rent for a short time as well as landlords looking for a short-term tenant. You can search the database.

You also can call a large real estate company in the area of your assignment and ask about short-term rentals of furnished houses for sale. Many homeowners often are worried about leaving their home empty and having someone stay in the house while it’s on the market is attractive to them. You may have to sign an agreement about keeping the house “show worthy” while you’re there.

You also could call a vacation rental company in the assignment area to see what type of rentals they offer. Be aware, however, that “vacation” rentals can cost more to rent.

Whether you’re keen on renting your own place or you’re happy to take us up on our offer of a furnished, paid-for apartment while on assignment, contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We’re eager to speak to professionals about our long- and short-term travel assignments at medical facilities all over the country with a critical need for your skills. We look forward to speaking with you!

Top Online BSN Degree Programs

April 27th, 2012

If you’re a working RN and are thinking of earning a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree, read our tips below for great information on the top online BSN programs.

Many working RNs want to earn a bachelor’s in nursing due because opportunities tend to be greater for those with the BSN, according to
“RNs looking to move into an administrative position, do research, consult, or teach are frequently required to have a BSN or a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from an accredited nursing degree program,” the site says in regards to its own Top 10 Online Bachelor of Nursing (RN to BSN) Degree Programs of 2011-2012.
What are some of the benefits of pursuing a BSN online? There are several:

  • Students can still work as an RN while earning the degree.
  • They can study while still living at home, rather than pulling up stakes and moving to the BSN program’s locations
  • Students may have to travel to the program’s campus, but only about two or three times a year over a long weekend.
  • A student’s preceptor easily could be a manager or supervisor at his or her current employer, negating the need to travel to another site for the clinical and practicum portions of the degree. rated its top 10 RN to BSN programs “based on publicly available data evaluated according to several different criteria, including reputation, accreditation, student satisfaction, ratio of students to instructors, and cost.”
The top programs are:
1.    Sacred Heart University
2.    Florida College of Health Sciences
3.    Seton Hall University
4.    University of Kansas
5.    University of Illinois at Chicago
6.    Drexel University
7.    Indiana State University
8.    Kent State University
9.    Saint Peter’s College
10. Anna Maria College

The cost per credit hour for the top 10 schools ranged from $795 (Seton Hall) to $282 at the University of Kansas for in-state residents (the per credit hour cost is $353 for non-residents).

If you’re an RN researching the possibility of earning a BSN but are concerned about cost, check with your employer. Many hospitals and medical facilities are covering tuition for degree programs.

Whether you’re an RN with a bachelor’s, master’s or “just” that RN licensure, MedPro Healthcare Staffing wants to hear from you. We literally have hundreds of travel nursing opportunities at hospitals and medical facilities all over the country. Satisfy your itch to travel while providing critical nursing services and contact us today!